Basel Virtual City Tour has expanded !!

Vtour now covers more than twice the area as before and is built of more than 850 single pictures. Below, in red, the new area. Have fun roaming through all of the new alleys and streets. Discover alleys not even the population of Basel knows of, look at one of the most famous gates to Basel in the middle ages, check out the location of our very own web-server, see the University of Basel and look across the Rhine to see of what will come next on Basel Virtual City Tour... :)

There are certain changes in the structure of City Tour. For folks knowing the first part, the MAP has been completly redesigned, and the two parts separated in different sub-directories (/sa/ and /sb/). So bookmarks to Navigation-pages will no longer work and need to be adjusted.

The Navigation now works as followed : Due to the immense work needed, the little Maps in he first Section are not updated to cover the whole area. This is also reasoned by not increasing loading-times (for larger maps). Instead, the map will change to the respective area when you cross the 'borders'. Use the large MAP for a complete overview.

The change of Sections is marked with the following colors for the navigation-icons : (normal is )

If you have questions about any of the things discussed above, contact Patrick Furer.

We wish you a lot of fun!

Your Nextron-team