Tinguely Fountain

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he Tinguely fountain is probably one of the most famous fountains of modern times in Basel. The Swiss sculptor Jean Tinguely designed and constructed it in 1977. Above all in winter, these sculptures are very nice and impressive. Each of them has got a name, such as "dr Schuffler" (schuffle = to shovel), "dr Waggler" (waggle = to wobble) or "dr Suusser".

In honour of the artist Tinguely and on the occasion of their hundert-year existence, the chemical corporation Hoffmann-La Roche is building a museum dedicated to Tinguely, which is to open this year (1996).
In summer, the square around the fountain (theatre square) is one of the meeting points for youngsters. Only a few metres from the fountain, you can see the entrance of the theatre.