Simson and Delia Fountain

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n 1878, the Simson and Delia fountain was moved from the Freie Strasse to the Barfüsser square and from there again to other places during the following years. The architect of the column is unknown, but the legend about it still exists:
Simson, whose picture is on the column, was Nasiräer and had supernatural power. His lover cut his hair while he was sleeping, so that he lost his power and was defeated by the Philistines in the battle.
At a Swiss sining/music festival, a plate was attached to the basin of the fountain with following words:

Don't trust the false woman here, whose name is Delia. She invites you to have a drink with her and also promises good and clear wine. But don't believe that you get a woman if you drink from this water. If you want a woman, then you need to turn to Petersplatz. There, you can drink as much as you want and see what quality Basel's women have.

This inscription was not taken seriously, for no singer was drinking from this fountain. But this story is only funny, if one knows that nowadays that there are many drunk people around this fountain, above all in summer.