City Hall

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he city hall, being built out of red sandstone, is undoubtedly the most conspicuos building at the market place. Up to the present day, its assembly hall is used by the Great Council.
The great earthquake of 1356 destroyed the ancient city hall, which was reconstructed afterwards. However, after Basel had joined the Swiss Confederation, the city hall was completly rebuilt (1504-1514). Due to a lack of space, two towers were added on both sides in 1904 in order to enlarge the city hall. A thorough renovation about 15 years ago restored the building's original splendour.

In the courtyard, there used to be the so called "Heisse Stein" (=hot Stone). The hot stone was a stone plate where death sentences were carried out and where compulsory auctions took place. Close to it, you could find other instruments of torture which were used depending on the crimes.