Market Place

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s in many other towns, the market place represents the actual centre of the town. The market, where above all fruit, vegetables and flowers can be bought, usually takes place from 8.30 am to 12.00 0'clock on weekdays. In autumn, anybody can bring mushrooms to be checked for quality.
Originally, the river Birsig divided the market place into two parts (up to 1260). The Birsig is a small river which is mostly covered today and flows into the river Rhine at the Schifflände. In former times, the market place was only one of the numerous trade centres for goods. The corn market, as the market place was called before, used to be the centre for trade, traffic and politics. It then developed into the actual regional centre for food trade. From 1420 onwards, the sellers not only offered fruit and vegetables, but also eggs, cheese and chicken on the market place.
Up to the 19th century, the market place had about half the size of today. Afterwards, the city bought some properties adjacent to it in order to enlarge this trade centre, which became more and more important.
In 1903, women were entitled to sell their goods on the market place, which was totally new, for they had not been allowed to do so up that moment.