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n 1354, the bishop allowed the sailors to form a guild. About fifty years later, a guild house was built on the riverside. Howerver, the guild was divided into two smaller groups which were constantly quarrelling with each other.
The sailors were rude and had a bad reputation. They used long and heavy barges to transport goods to Strassbourg, Mannheim, Cologne and to the North Sea.
The Schifflände remained a landing stage up to the present day, but not for frighters any more. One can go on sightseeing-tours at any time of the year (up and downstream). Moreover, special activities on the ships are regularly organized, such as discos or fondue-dinners.
A few meters upstream, the river Birsig, which flows trough half of the town in the underground, empties into the Rhine.
At the Schifflände, you can also find the tourist/information office for information about tourism in and around Basel.