History and "what's new" in Basel Virtual City Tour

Juli 1998
July 14thVtour wird in BaselOnline überführt. GetPersonal greift bereits auf die neuen Datenbanken zu.
November 1996
November 7thNeuer, Datenbank basierter E-Mail Index.
August 1996
August 6thLinks to external Sites rearanged
August 6thVarious Bugfixes and some new pics in Part B
August 3rdRheinweg opened
June 1996
June 20thLarge Map(s) activated
June 18thMaps on Homepage and BVB activated
June 18thContest 'the door' launched
June 17thVersion 2.0 released
June 3rdBASEL ONLINE / CITY TOUR wins Best of Internet - Award
Mai 1996
Mai 14thBASEL ONLINE / CITY TOUR wins Best of Web Switzerland - Award
April 1996
April 25thCity Tour added to Internet World Expo 1996
April 24thForum added
April 11thExpansion of City Tour commenced (Photosessions)
April 11thCity Tour expands...
March 1996
March 24thFull Text Search added
March 24thGuestbook added
March 20thLive Teleconference added
March 19thContact Corner added
March 19thParty-Service added
March 19thE-Mail and Homepage directory added
March 19thFlohmarkt added
March 2ndVirtual City Tour released
March 1stVirtual City Tour completed as wanted for release
February 1996
February 29thFinal debugging commenced
February 27thInformation/Culture/Events included
February 12thAdditions and Debugging of Navigation-system completed
January 1996
January 28thSecond Photo-session (another 150 pics)
January 19thBeta Version of Navigation-system online
January 17thAlpha Version of Navigation-system online
December 1995
December 28thPhotosession (5 hours in freezing weather)
December 24thIdea and concept