Instructions to Basel Virtual City Tour

For you to discover Basel Downtown the most efficient way, you should have :

  • Netscape 1.1 or higher (2.0 recommended)
  • A connection of at least 14'400 baud
  • A Memory/Disk-cache of at least 1.5 / 5 MB
  • A Screenresolution of 800*600 (or more) and 65'000 colors
  • All graphics turned on. There is NO text-only version
  • How to Navigate :

  • Click on the arrows over the image to Navigate in this 3-Dimensional World
  • Use the little Map beside the pictures for quick reference of where you are
  • If you are lost and want more details, click on the MAP icon for an enhanced map
  • You can use the Tram (streetcar) on the designated Stops (blue dots) for quick and realistic travel
  • Click on the JUMP icon to quickly jump to selected places
  • What to do :

  • Discover Basel, look at the sights, use the PANORAMA-Tumbnails buttons for enhanced pictures and details
  • Check out Information about Movies, Events, Theater and Culture
  • Enter stores [not yet available]
  • Meet people in the Bar (red dot) for a chat and use other ways of communication
  • Solve the Adventure-game [not yet available]
  • Exit