Questionaire & Feedback

This page is your place to give us your thoughts about this service, so we can be happy and/or make it better. Please fill out all questions, either by clicking on one of the buttons or telling us in plain English or German in the textfield of what you think. Be as objective as you can be and don't spare us from bad comments. We want to hear what you think. Thanks !

First some information about yourself :

Email address : (OPTIONAL)
Age :
City :
State / Kanton :
Country :
Have you ever been in Basel ? Yes No

General Questions :

How do you like this server in general ? Very much Good It's ok Not really Not at all
How do you like the optical makeup ? Very much Good It's ok Not really Not at all
What about the general structure (index, maps) ? Very much Good It's ok Not really Not at all
Do you find the information you are looking for easily ? Yes, very Yes Allright Not really Very hard
Do you believe this system to be entertaining ? Very much Yes It's ok Not really Not at all

Technical Questions :

What resolution do you have ? 1280*1024 1024*768 800*600 640*480
How many colors ? 16.7 Million 65'000 256 16
Are you content with the speed of the service (loading times etc) ? Yes, very Yes Allright Not really Not at all
With what speed do you access this service ? Network ISDN 64'000 bps Modem 28'800 bps Modem 19'200 bps
Modem 16'800 bps Modem 14'400 bps Modem 9600 bps Less than 9600 bps
How often are you visiting these pages ? Almost every day Once a week About once a month Very rarely Never again
Where did you find this server ? Infoseek Lycos Yahoo Nextron Homepage
Other Server Friend Other User's Homepage Elsewhere
If your answer was 'Other server' or 'Elsewhere', please specify :

What ideas do YOU have for this server ? What did you miss, look for ?

Thanks you for filling out this questionaire ! We hope to see you online again soon.