The Tambourmajor (= drummer conductor)

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he "Tambourmajor" is a central figure of a "Clique", a kind of conductor so to speak. He shows how fast the marches have to be played with his big baton, decides when they have to be finished and what march comes next; moreover, he decides on how long a break in between the walking and playing should be. Very often, he is the main figure of the subject they have chosen. Thus, his costume is rather extravagant and his mask bigger than the others.

The "Tambourmajor" receives a big carnival badge by the committee on Monday morning. The so called "Alten Garden" (older members) have always the same conductor for their drummers. The "Junge Garde" and "Binngis" (younger members), however, choose a new "Tambourmajor" among the two best drummers every year. The "Tambourmajor" is a dignitary. It is an honour for every drummer to be chosen as a conductor.