The Endstreich, Thursday morning, and the days afterwards

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arnival in Basel lasts exactly three days. It starts on Monday morning on the stroke of 4 a.m. and ends on Thursday morning at 4 a.m. This is somehow a sad moment for every active carnival member because he/she has to wait one year for the next carnival. As a last activity, the members "honour" their most important object, which is the lantern. The "Clique" (=carnival group) forms a semicircle around the lantern and plays a last march. After the "Tambourmajor" (=drummer conductor) has given a sign to stop playing, the light is put out and "the three most beautiful days" are officially over. Afterwards they have breakfast in the bar where they usually go to and then they definitely return home to go sleeping for a few hours.

The days after carnival are dedicated to get things clean again. The "Cliquen" pack their material they needed during carnival and destroy the lantern.

On the three weekends after carnival, the so called "Bummelsonntag" takes place, which means that they walk through the streets without costumes and playing their marches. On one of these "Bummelsonntage", the "Clique" goes on an excursion to a town nearby. By 10 p. m., this event ends and the carnival activities definitely belong to the past until they start again the following year.