Tuesday - children’s carnival

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n Tuesday, no "Cortège" (=procession) takes place. There is also no special subject, which decides on the costumes to wear; it is up to everybody’s own choice. Tuesday belongs to the children and the "Guggen" music (=funny variations of popular songs played by brass instruments). The streets are not as crowded as on Monday and Wednesday afternoon. Moreover, the shops are open and the trams drive their tours as far as possible.

During the daytime, the streets are full of small groups of children and teenagers in costumes. Some of them dress up as Waggis (special figure of carnival in Basel) and make fun of passers-by, above all with young women, girls and people without carnival badges. Once caught by a Waggis, one has to be prepared to be filled up with confetti. If one is lucky, one might receive a mimosa (yellow flower) afterwards. The "Junge Garden" and "Binngise" (groups with younger members) are walking through the streets and playing their songs. Some groups might have a concert in the afternoon in the Thomas Plattner Hospital for example. With these presentations, also older, ill, or handicapped people can get some carnival atmosphere.

At the Barfüsserplatz, young people are introduced to the art of "Guggen" music. Children of any age can try to beat a drum or play a trumpet. On the Münsterplatz, there is an exhibition of the lanterns. On Tuesday evening, small groups (teenagers and adults) walk through Basel playing their instruments. The "Guggen" concert takes place on the Barfüsserplatz and the Marktplatz.