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any drummers and piccolo players are members of one of the numerous "Clique". A "Clique" is a kind of club whose members dress up in the same way during carnival according to a chosen topic, marching through the streets of Basel and playing their instruments. During the carnival processions, the piccolo players walk in the front part of the "Clique", the "Tambourmajor" (=conductor) in the middle section and the drummers in the back rows.

However, a "Clique" is more than just a group of drummers and piccolo players. As in every club, the members do not only meet on special occasions, in this case during these three days of carnival, but also during the whole year from time to time. They mostly come together every week to practice new and old marches. There are also other meetings and parties for members only.

Above all in the weeks before carnival, there are more activities in the "Cliquen". A great part of the costumes and masks are designed and made by the members themselves.


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