Idea and conceptLukas Frei, Patrick Furer, Andres Reiner
Head of PhotographyPatrick Furer
General graphical design and layoutLukas Frei
Navigation systemAndres Reiner, Lukas Frei
Culture and HistoryPatrick Furer (german)
Christine Gasser (english translations)
Claude Furer (additional german texts)
Additional InformationLukas Frei, Patrick Furer, Andres Reiner
Maintainance (Movies, Events, Music)Roman Schweighauser
Basel gets Personal!!Lukas Frei
Teleconference cgiAndres Reiner
EuroAirport InformationRoland Vogler
IconsOliver Walthard
Game concept and realisationPatrick Furer
DebuggingAndres Reiner, Lukas Frei, Patrick Furer

The designers with their E-Mail address and Personal Homepages :

Lukas Frei
Patrick Furer
Christine Gasser
Andres Reiner
Roman Schweighauser
Roland Vogler
Oliver Walthard

The VTOUR-team wants to thanks everybody for their contributions!!