Add your Page to Virtual City Tour

If you are interested in having your business present in Basel Virtual City Tour, follow the five easy steps :

If you do not have a Homepage yet and are interested in having one, contact us. We are specialized in creating customized and high quality web-presentations. For more information, click here.

Add a link to City Tour as described below to your page you want the reference from City Tour to guide to. The link from your page to City Tour is a little bit different than usual : There are two ways to return from your page to VTOUR : For the ones who came to you from us and would like to return, they want to return to the place in Virtual City Tour where they left it (on the street/Shopping Mall). But somebody who came to your page from somewhere else and wants to take a look at VTOUR, it is best to send them to the VTOUR Welcome-homepage. For that, we do it like that : Your link points to a buffer-page where the user is given the choice. We will have this page on our server and we will write it for you. Your link will have this icon and an URL like the following :

<A HREF="http:/"><IMG SRC="lvtour.gif" BORDER=0></A>

'xxxx' will be unique for each linked page... If you just want to make a link to VTOUR and you are not back-referenced, use the following link :

<A HREF="http:/"><IMG SRC="lvtour.jpg" BORDER=0></A>

If you have a background that is different than white, contact Lukas Frei, so we can send you a customized, transparent GIF that matches your background color.

Then we need the following information from you : (mail to : Lukas Frei)

  • The Name of your Company
  • A brief description (1-5 words)
  • The URL of your Page (complete)
  • The complete address of your company, and one of the branches*, which is inside the current area of City Tour. If you do not have a branch inside this area, you will be placed in our independent Shopping Mall.
  • A company-logo (GIF or JPG) on white background with a maximum size of 150*100 pixels. (If you do not have such a logo on disk, we can scan it for you and/or do other graphical work with it to optimize it for display. Contact us for an offer)

Your link in City Tour will be made, look like this and appear on the place your company is located:

Business : Swiss Web-Factory

Because this linking is some work for us, we do have to charge some small amount for it. The price is also justified by the large amount of visitors who are visiting City Tour from day to day. This makes an add in City Tour more seen and your site more often visited. The prices are as followed :

  • Commercial Institutions
  • CHF 100.-
  • Non commercial Institution
  • CHF 50.-
  • Customers of Nextron
  • Free
  • Extra-charge for blinking logos, inline-maps etc
  • CHF 100.-

    Consider more advertisment in City Tour for placing your company in front of the others. Possibilities are Sponsoring (logos on a number of pages), Flash-pages (1-page advertisment) and much more. Contact us for more details.


    * if exist