About Basel Virtual City Tour

Basel Virtual City Tour has been designed by nextron internet team as an addition to the wellknown Basel Online. As a young team, we are constantly trying to create new concepts of world-wide-web-presentations. And unlike many others, we put every effort in realising the ideas we came up with. So, Basel Virtual City Tour presents the city of Basel in a different way than hierarchical-built systems (Menues, submenues etc), like Basel Online.

Here, you can choose where to go: You don't follow icons and back-buttons in a defined, structured menue. It is up to you how and where you find the information you are looking for. Of course, we do not leave you completely alone. As a stranger to this city (or not), you find guidance in the MAP and INDEX-pages. They let you find Information fast and easily. Use the Streetcar to move quickly to selected places, or use the JUMP-icon to 'beam' to a new location.

We are constantly working on improvments to this system. If you have any ideas or complaints, please contact us right here. If you own a company and you would like to have it presented in Basel Virtual City Tour, contact us here.

Also, nextron ist constantly looking for sponsors for Basel Virtual City Tour. If you are interested in sponsoring Basel Virtual City Tour, contact Lukas Frei.

nextron wants to thank everybody who supported this project, especially @Basel (nEthos AG).

And now, we wish you a lot of fun, roaming through Basel...

Your nextron internet team

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